Cleaning & Maintenance of Rubio Monocoat Floors

Rubio Monocoat Hardwax® oil finished floors will ensure lasting protection and easy maintenance. To maintain your wood floors that have been finishd with Rubio Monocoat, we recommend first following all of our maintenance guidelines.

Hardwood Floors can be cleaned with liquids once the finish has finally cured. The cure time is 7 days for floors finished onsite. For prefinished floors that were finished with Rubio, such as our line of WD Flooring products, these floors can be cleaned with liquids immediately. Prior to the finish fully curing the floors can be dry mopped or vacuumed with a soft bristle or felt vacuum. Once the finish is finally cured, we recommend using Rubio Monocoat Surface Care Spray® or Rubio Natural Soap®.

These are the same thing, the natural soap is just a concentrated version of the surface spray.

Our preferred method of cleaning with the Rubio soap is the Rubbermaid Reveal® refillable spray mop. We like the Rubbermaid Mop because it allows you to either pour some of the surface care spray into the refillable reservoir, or to add a very small amount of the Rubio soap to fill it with water. This mop makes cleaning a breeze. It’s what we use in our own homes. The microfiber head on the mop is even washable, and replaceable whenever it wears out.

Maintenance coatings (buff & recoat / sandless refinish) on floors finished with Rubio Monocoat is a very simple process. Our team can generally do these on short notice, and most floors take just a few hours to do.

We can usually come in the morning before you’re headed off to work and resurface the floors, having them dry by the time you get home from work. This is all done with no dust, and one at nearly 1/3 the cost of sanding the floors again. It’s important to keep up with maintenance coatings on all types of wood floors, as it helps avoid the need for a much more expensive & time consuming sanding. Plus, a wood floor can only be sanded so many times, meaning maintenance coatings will help to avoid (or at least put off) the need to sand the floors.

A properly maintained floor can last much longer than one that never gets any attention. The time between maintenance coatings can vary from one household to another. In general, most homes could use a maintenance coating approximately every 3-6 years, while most commercial floors will likely need it approximately every 1-3 years.

Again, the timeframe can vary greatly based on abrasion & wear.

Other Maintenance & Spot Treatment Products

RMC Grease Remover is a ready to use product that removes grease stains from surfaces finished with Rubio Monocoat Hardwax Oil.

RMC Grease Remover is a ready to use product that removes lime spots from floors and surfaces finished with Rubio Monocoat Hardwax Oil.