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We’d love to hear about your project and appreciate the opportunity to provide you with an estimate.


Our company handles all estimating via email. This offers the convenience for potential clients and allows our small company the ability to handle the high volume of new inquiries we receive each day. It also helps us avoid visiting homes of those that may not hire us. Since we have a constant supply of projects, we simply don’t have the time to visit people’s homes that aren’t certain of their intent to hire us. After we provide you with an estimate, if you decide that you’d like to hire us, we’re happy to visit your home to show you samples of woods and finishes, discuss the details, confirm that our estimate is accurate, discuss timing etc.


To receive an estimate, fill out the form below or email us @ [email protected]. Please provide some details about your project. Helpful info includes; room dimensions or the square footage and pictures of the areas that you’d like to have done. Once we receive this we’ll get back to you promptly with an estimate. We’re usually able to get an estimate to you the same day.


In addition, all pricing for the products we offer and services are listed here on our site. We also have a convenient estimate calculator that allows you to get a rough idea of what the labor for your project will cost.

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Estimate are OK.
Estimates are OK.
NOTE: helpful info includes; timing of project (if you know), wood(s) you are considering (if you know), size details of flooring (if you know), if project involves stairs, a rough idea of the color you want (if you know)

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