Glow in the Dark Wood Flooring

Glow in the Dark Hardwood Flooring 

Rhodes Hardwood is widely recognized as one of the most well versed companies in the US with regard to the custom finishing and texturing techniques for wood floors. We’re constantly experimenting with various finishing and texturing techniques to find ways to apply them to an entire hardwood floor. 

One thing that has been of interest to us for quite some time has been figuring out how to make an entire wood floor glow in the dark.  After much trial and error, experimenting with various photo-luminescent pigments, we’re proud to say that we’re now offering glow in the dark wood finishes for both newly installed hardwood floors as well as existing floors. 

While glow in the dark hardwoods may not be for everyone, we think it can be an excellent option for kids rooms, commercial spaces, bars or nightclubs etc. 

Glow in the Dark Hardwood Flooring

About Glow in the Dark Wood Floors:

  • The pigments we use in our glow in the dark finish are made from natural minerals that are completely non-toxic. 
  • In addition to the minerals being non-toxic, the finishes that we’ve created for glow in the dark floors are water-based finishes that contain very little volatile organic compounds. This means that the overall process involves very little smell and very low toxins. 
  • We have 12 color options including;  Sky Blue,  Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Yellow, Neural Aqua, Neutral Dark Blue,  Neutral Green, Neutral Orange, Neutral Sky Blue, and Neutral White
  • Like other glow in the dark things, our glow in the dark wood finishes are activated by light, so the more light that ah area has the more it will glow at night. 
  • The pigments we use will continue to glow in the dark an unlimited amount of times. 
  • These finishes can be stripped back off of wood, making the wood no longer glow should you ever decide that you want to change it. 

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