Rhodes Hardwood offers upfront pricing as a convenience to our potential customers. Upfront pricing saves both our potential customers time and it saves us from visiting homes of those that might be collecting multiple estimates while only considering cost when comparing them.

Free Estimates

In addition to offering upfront pricing we also have a convenient estimate calculator here on our site and we offer free estimates via email.  Since we’re a small company that has a demand for our services that exceeds our man power we start the estimating process for potential projects via email as it helps to narrow down the homes we need to visit to a manageable amount.

After we’ve provided you with an emailed estimate if you decide that you’d like to move forward with hiring our company, we’ll gladly visit your home. At this time we can then confirm everything from your estimate, show you samples and then get you a formal concrete bid.

If you’d like to get the estimate process started, simply email us @ [email protected], or fill out the contact form here on our site.

Helpful info to include in your pricing estimate email:

  • room sizes or the square footage (rough is ok for the initial estimate)
  • the service you would like to have done
  • if you need for us to remove your old flooring
  • pictures of the areas you’d like to have done (pictures can be uploaded on our contact page)



  • Sandless Refinish (Buff & Recoat)  $1 per sq ft  (your choice of Bona® oil or water finish) Buff & Recoat w/ Bona Traffic® commercial grade finish $1.49 per sqft — Add 75₵/sf for each additional coating of either finish ($750 Minimum)


  • Sandless Refinish Factory Finished (prefinished) Floors (Buff & Recoat) $1.49 per sq ft – ($750 Minimum) your choice of Bona® oil or water finish Buff & Recoat w/ Bona Traffic® commercial grade finish $1.99 per sqft — Add 75₵/sf for each additional coating of either finish ($750 Minimum)


  • Sand & Refinish – 3 coatings of Natural/Clear Bona Woodline® Oil finish, or Basic Coatings® Waterborne finish $3.99 per square foot ($2,500 minimum)


  • Sand & Refinish with the ultimate in durability (2 component Waterbased Finish) Natural/Clear Bona Traffic® or Basic Coatings Street Shoe® $4.99 per square foot ($2,500 minimum)


  • Sand & Refinish w/ Rubio Monocoat® Hardwax Oil –  $4.99 per square foot ($2,500 minimum) See Rubio Monocoat Colors 
  • Staining (provide color samples, water pretreatment “water popping”, stain product + application of stain) Add $1.49/sf onto cost of installation or refinishing charges See Stain Colors

Custom Finishing + Texturing

  • Sand & Finish w/ custom finishing techniques including; fuming, smoking, pre colors etc – from $4.99 per sq ft See Custom Finishing Options
  • Wire brushing (A texturing technique that removes some of the soft grain of the wood) – $1.99 per sqft
  • Bleaching  To create a mild white washed look, or to help tone down reddish/pink colors showing through stain when using lighter colored stains add $1/sf
  • Fuming A graying effect caused by a natural reaction with the tannins present in certain woods – add $1/sf
  • Ebonizing – A graying/blackening effect caused by a natural reaction with the tannis present in certain woods add $1/sf
  • Pre Coloring – These are dyes that are used prior to finishing which helps create very deep coloring and or textured looks – from $1.99/sf
  • Dyes – These are for coloring woods that would otherwise be hard to stain evenly, or to achieve other looks that stain won’t get such as black floors etc. – from $1.99/sf
  • Ceruse – This is an old wood working technique of making the wood grain a different color than the rest of the wood, creating a 2 toned look – from $2.99/sf
  • Lye Pretreatments – Lye treatments are done prior to staining and or finishing, they provide a white or gray driftwood sort of coloring to some woods, these can then be coated with another color (for a textured look or to add depth) or they can be naturally finished with any of our other finishes. – from $1/sf


Optional Add Ons

  • Additional Finish Coatings $1 per square foot, or $1.49 per square foot for 2 – See floor finishes
  • Staining $1.49 per square foot (this includes; a water pretreatment to help stain take evenly “water popping”, the extra sanding steps needed to prepare the floors for stain, the stain of your choice, unlimited sample options, and extra sanding done with our State of the Art Lagler Trio Sanders, which makes for the perfect sand job. This is essential when staining ) – See stain colors
  • Solid wood stair tread & riser refinishing ($75-$100 per tread – $75-$100 per riser)
  • Sand ONLY (You do the finishing) – from $2.99 per square foot


  • Installation of prefinished engineered wood floors or Pre finished Solid from $4.49 per square foot ($2,500 Minimum)  (Glue down installation is extra)
  • Install, Sand & Finish site finished flooring – $6.99 per square foot ($2,500 Minimum)  (Add $1.49 per sq ft for staining/Add $1/sf for Traffic or Rubio Hardwax finish) – custom finishing techniques are extra
  • Install stair treads – $100-$150 each (price varies upon size, removal/demo involved etc)
  • Install stair risers – $75-$125 each
  • Wirebrushing (to create a cool modern textured/distressed look to new or refinished floors) – From $1.99 per sqft


  • Remove and reinstall baseboards or quarter round– $199-$599 depending upon job size (larger projects can cost a bit more – you can do this to save some cost or they can be left in place, but may require some touch up)
  • Flush mount wood vents & Installation $100-$150 each depending upon wood species
  • Flooring Delivery $50-$100 (For flooring that is shipped in additional freight charges can apply)
  • Treat subfloor with a roll on primer (great for pet stains and smells) 75¢ per square foot
  • Carpet Removal & Disposal $1.25 per square foot
  • Tile Removal & Disposal $3-$4 per square foot
  • Onsite Dumpster – $175-$550 depending upon the size needed
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