Sanding & Refinishing


When your wood floors are worn beyond them being sadness refinished,  sanding + refinishing is what we recommend.

We have the training, experience, and specialized sanding and dust collection equipment to make your old worn out wood flooring look itʼs best…

We Offer

Dust Containment Systems

We use high powered vacuum systems for all sanding of wood flooring. Our vacuums not only collect the majority of the dust created, they also then filter the air they exhaust. Our dust containment systems help eliminate the traditional dust nightmare throughout your home.


Want to change the color of your wood floors? We offer multiple stain options in both oil + water based with 100+ color options. We’re also able to intermix colors which allows for endless color options. Prior to stain application we do a water pretreatment  (water popping), this opens the pores of the wood and helps with getting the best stain results possible.  See more information on staining.

Quality Finishing Products

We offer the most visual appealing + durable wood floor finishes available – Our finish options include;  Basic Coatings®, Bona®, Loba® + Rubio Monocoat®.  See more about our finishes here.

Custom Finishing

In addition to using traditional stains and oil/water finishes, we offer non-toxic European hardwax oil finishes, texturing, wood reactives + custom finishing. Our custom services include; Wire brushing, Hand Scraping, Edge Treatments, Fuming, Bleaching, Smoking, Ebonizing, Dyes, Wood Lye Treatments, Cerusing + more. See our custom finishing options here.

Refinishing of Wood Stairs:

We also offer sanding + refinishing of wood stair cases including; stair treads + risers, skirt boards etc.  We even have special sanding equipment for stairs that allows us to connect them to our vacuum systems.