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Q: How do I stain Pine to look like Brazilian Cherry?

A: We found this video from the web to be helpful!

Q:  What is the best stain I can use to make an Oak newel post look like Brazilian Koa?(from Yahoo! Questions)

  • Nick asked 3 years ago
I am in the process of refinishing my stairs and I have installed Brazilian Koa (Tigerwood) hardwood floors in my home and on my stairs. I am now want to install my hand rail but I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a Brazilian Kao Newel post, if they even make them. So I bought a Oak Newel and Home depot but I can not find a stain that comes close to what the Brazilian Koa looks like. I know I am not going to get the dark grains in the wood but something that looks close to the main color would be nice. has anyone does this before, or does anyone know of a good stain to use and where to get it? any information you can provide would be awesome! Thanks for your time and help all!Cheers!


You can always mix/blend different colors of stain together (same product) to make your own color that is close. Also, most paint stores will match and tint stains to match any sample piece you bring in. I know Sherwin Williams is usually good about this. Check with your local paint/ stain shop beforehand to be sure.
Dustin’s Suggestion: I would go with a Minwax stain. You can find them anywhere; home depot, Lowe’s, Menard’s etc. I would guess a close color might be their jacobean.

Q: What common hardwood stain matches Home Legends sedona maple flooring?(from Yahoo! Questions)

I am trying to stain red oak doors/trim and pine trim to match flooring I purchased at Home Depot: Home Legends Sedona Maple.

A: Try colonial maple Minwax stain.

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