Deck Stains

Below we have provided some information on our preferred deck stains and finishes. Over the years we have tried countless deck stains and finishes (mostly on the decks of our own homes) and done lots of research of different products. We have found that the main issue people have with exterior deck stains and finishes is peeling and the time in which they need to maintain their deck.

A deck that is finished with a quality product will need maintained far less then those finished with poorer quality products. A good deck stain or finish can last 4-5 times longer than those finished with poor quality products. We have found some of the best products to help minimize, or to at least prolong the time before a deck peels or needs restored. All of the products we offer for exterior decks are penetrating oils, we have found that these do a better job of sealing up the wood and are much less likely to peel..


Sikkens Cetol is an exterior stain/finish that is available in solid color, semi-transparent and transparent. It is available in clear (natural) and approximately 30 other colors. Sikkens® has a built in uv protectant that helps protect the color from fading (or at least prolong this.


Rubio Hybrid oil is a non toxic, single coat, fast drying, penetrating oil that is great for new and restored decks. Rubio has a UV protectant that protects against fading. Rubio is very easy to maintain, and once your deck is refinished once with this product, maintenance is as easy as lightly buffing the deck and applying more of the product. Rubio does not form a film layer and it does not flake not many other deck stains and finishes. Rubio Hybrid oil is available in 10 contemporary colors as well as 8 trendy pop colors.


Flood is a penetrating oil that is ideal for new and newly refinished decks. Flood features Penetrol® which penetrates and protects wood from the inside out. Flood is best suited for those that want to keep their deck looking natural and it is excellent for enhancing that natural look. If you would prefer a color we recommend one of our other products.



More About Our Deck Refinishing Services

Our deck restoration experts can make your old worn out deck look like new again. We offer a range of deck restoration services including power washing, resealing, staining, sanding, or a complete and full deck restoration service.