Engineered Hardwood is Flooring that is comprised of multiple plys. This construction gives the wood more stability and allows for wood floors to be installed in areas that traditional hardwood normally can’t be. Areas such as; basements, concrete slabs and in condo buildings. Engineered is also often used for those wanting extra wide planks. Because it offers more stability, this helps to prevent the potential for issues arising from humidity or other issues. We source most of our engineered woods from a very reputable Wisconsin based mill. Their products are great because they use very stable materials for the core of the wood, they use longer than average board lengths, their milling is second to none, and their top wear layer is thick enough to allow the floors multiple refinishes in the future. It’s a very common misconception that engineered hardwood is cheaper than solid hardwood. In fact, good engineered flooring, is actually a bit more expensive due to the manufacturing process being much more involved. This said, the only times we recommend engineered flooring are; in condo buildings, over concrete subfloors, over gypcrete, over radiant heating or when using extra wide planks with less stable woods. Our engineered flooring is available in widths ranging from 3”-9”, it’s available in a 5/8” thickness with a 4mm wear layer or a 3/4” thickness with a 6mm wear layer. Lengths are 2-10’ random lengths with an approximately 4’ average board length.



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