Want to stain your new or existing wood flooring?

Rhodes Hardwood offers many different wood floor stain options in both oil + water based.  We’re generally able to match any stain color or blend together colors to dial in the exact color desired.

We can also change the color of floors and seal them in one convenient, non-toxic application with Rubio Monocoat.

Rubio is available in 40+ color shades that are intermixable which makes for unlimited color options .


When staining floors we go to great measures to produce the best stain job possible. 

✔︎ All floors we stain are pre-treated with a water pre-treatment “water popping”, this extra step in the process of prepping the floors to be stained raises the grain of the wood which helps the wood to accept the stain as evenly as possible.

✔︎ When sanding floors that are going to be stained we use multiple extra steps in the sanding process which is an added precaution to ensure the floors stain as evenly as possible.

✔︎ Each floor that we’re going to stain has the final sanding done with our planetary sanding machine. This sander is a huge step up from a traditional floor buffer that most other companies use for this step as it produces the most evenly sanded floors possible which also helps to achieve the best stain job possible.


Please Note: Stain colors can vary. If you want to stain your floors, we ask that you narrow your choices down to a few colors. We will then make samples out of the exact wood type that you have. This allows us to illustrate how a particular stain will look on your floor.