Wood Stairs

Rhodes Hardwood offers installation + restoration of all types of wood staircases in both residential + commercial applications. Our wood stair services include; installation of wood stair treads + risers, custom floating stairs, newel posts, balusters, hand rails and skirt boards.  If you’re considering a new stair case, let us know and we’re happy to send over pictures of options or to direct you to places to see options in person.


Stair Treads

Stair Treads are the portion of the stairs that you step on when walking up or down the stairs.

Our Stair Tread Offerings Include:

  • Treads to match any of the wood floor options we offer
  • Round or Square Profile Treads
  • Reclaimed Treads to Match our Reclaimed Flooring options
  • Extra Thick Treads for Floating Stair Cases
  • Treads with Side Reveals / Returns for stair cases that are open on one or both ends
  • Textured Treads – Hand Scraped, Wirebrushed, Distressed
  • Custom Sizes
  • Metal Inserts + Other Customized Options

Stair Risers

Stair Risers are the vertical portion of a stair case. We offer the option of matching these to the stair treads, or primed risers (for those that wish to have these painted)


Balusters (also known as spindles) both attach the hand rail to stairs and surrounding areas and add a decorative touch to a staircase. We offer all types of balusters including; stained or naturally finished wood, painted wood and wrought iron.


Rhodes Hardwood offers restoration of all types of wooden stair cases as well as sanding + finishing of new stair cases.

Our Stair Restoration Services Include:


  • Sanding + Refinishing of stair treads and risers
  • Sandless Refinishing of treads and risers (for stairs with minor wear or for maintenance)
  • Restoration of Stairs in Commercial Spaces
  • Restoration of Skirt Boards (these are the sides of the staircase)
  • Texturing with handscraping + wire brushing
  • Custom Finishing
  • Anti-Slip Finishes