Rhodes Hardwood offers nationwide shipping of many of the products that we sell including; all of our unfinished exotic wood flooring, prefinished exotics and engineered exotics, all reclaimed flooring and paneling products, all mosaic and end grain block flooring and many of the domestic hardwoods that we offer. (NOTE: Shipping is limited to orders of 500 square feet or more, and some products require a minimum of a full pallet) 

Our products are shipped via freight carriers. We work with a freight broker  which allows us to shop multiple carriers to get our clients the best possible rates on shipping.  We’re able to ship to businesses with a dock or forklift with a traditional tractor trailer, or to residential addresses with use of a lift gate. Feel free to contact us for a shipping quote.


Shipping Discount

We offer a $50 shipping discount for every $1,000 that you spend (limit $250). This makes for a substantial discount on the shipping/freight and in many cases it will completely cover the shipping costs.

Residential Deliveries

Our deliveries to residential addresses are “curb side” deliveries. The way these work is the flooring travels on a standard tractor trailer to a nearby shipping terminal, at the terminal your flooring transfers to a truck with a lift gate (for lowering the flooring to the ground). We provide your name, address and phone number to the freight carrier and once the flooring reaches the nearby terminal they will contact you to coordinate the delivery. Some freight carriers are able to schedule an exact time, while others are only able to give a 3-4 hour window.  You will need to have someone available to inspect the product and sign for the order. Since deliveries are curbside you will need to carry the flooring boxes into your home. These are approximately 50lbs each, so please plan accordingly.

Business Deliveries

Business deliveries are those that are going to a warehouse or business that has a dock, or to a place with a forklift for offloading the product.  We will provide your name, address and phone number to the trucking company and they will contact you to coordinate the delivery. Please note: some companies are able to coordinate an exact time while others are only able to give you a window of 3-4 hours.


Warehouse Pickup

Warehouse pick up orders are those that are shipped to the closet shipping terminal for you to pick up yourself. In general if you live in a bigger metropolitan area their is always a terminal pretty close by. In more rural areas, the closest terminal could be a 50+ miles away. Feel free to contact us to find out where the closet terminal is if you’re considering this route. Most shipping terminals are open MondayFriday 8am-5pm.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of the products we are shipping we only accept returns of defective material that is still in boxes or bundles. Installing the product constitutes acceptance of the product and we cannot accept returns on product that has been installed under ANY circumstances. We’re also not able to accept returns if you order too much.